I was reading this report of an interview Britney Spears had with NBC, and as much as I am NOT a Spears fan, I felt immense pity for the celebrity. Which the writer did predict but really, do you have to kick someone when she’s already down? And a new mother at that. It’s just…tasteless.

I think until and unless you actually go through nine months of something that can grow up to the size of two or three watermelons (not including your breasts, which are also reaching melon proportions themselves); struggling to keep food down because you’re worried you might not be ingesting enough for the baby because you’re constantly throwing up; having to sleep in awkward positions just to get comfortable enough to be able to actually sleep without being crushed by your own weight (and being ever mindful of not suffocating the baby inside of you should lying on your back be the most comfortable position you can find); go through hours of labour only to end up in the cutting room; pay thousands of dollars to a hospital and doctors and nurses who may or may not know what they’re doing; breastfeed when your nipples are bleeding and chapping; sleep in episodes of one, two hours up to what may be six months; and THEN find out you’re doing it ALL over again – you should just keep that yap shut.

Granted Ms Spears has the money to go for all sorts of pampers and spa treatments to become her fabulous self again, and to pay five nannies to take care of her one kid that’s already out so she can look her absolute best, it is still horrid to write such a hurtful piece about a new mother who’s struggling to keep both her kids and career AND her appearance together. All moms, new or old, feel they’re the worst mothers in the world already without being made to feel that way. Plus she’s pregnant. How does one go down to the level of writing such trash about a pregnant mother?

A friend of mine, who constantly worried about her appearance, asked me once if I ever fretted about the way I’ve let myself go since I became a mom. Yea, she doesn’t mince her words, but she knows I don’t really give a shit.

Well you know what? I am trying my best to keep my priorities straight. Raising my kids up right. Keeping our home clean and cosy. Putting food on the table. Making sure my husband and I have quality time together. Making sure my mind stays sharp through through reading and writing. I like looking nice as much as the next girl, but something’s gotta give, you know. And I think I’d rather let my appearance go, than my head (rather than let it go TO my head).

So if the reason why Britney Spears looks like crap is because she’s trying to be a good mother and enjoy her pregnancy, more power to her. She might’ve wanted to redeem herself in the eyes of writers like Robin Givhan, which as one observes, hadn’t worked, but I say, fuck it. You’ve got enough money to do whatever you want with your life and your kids anyway. Disappear, work on raising them properly for five years, reinvent yourself and THEN make a comeback.

And if you don’t, so what? Between your kids and your fans – something’s gotta give. Who’ll it be?