A weird little word born from the phraseological prowess of one Chris Pirillo during the wrapup of the first day of BloggerconIV, freedbacking is a new tag to give free feedback to developers of your favourite programs, so said developers can simply search the word if they want to know what you’re unhappy about.

To kick things off over here in mommy land, I’m gonna ask: where are my freakin’ comments? I had my blog hosted on WordPress.com and wanted to grab my data from it to my new server, and used the Export function to pack what was supposed to be my posts AND comments into a neat little XML file, which I can then plug into my new blog hosted at Bluehost which, by the way, let me install WordPress with just a few clicks.

All my posts are here but none of the comments? What happened, man? It clearly says on the Export page “This will allow you to download an export of your WordPress posts and comments in a XML format”.

There. My first (hopefully of very few) freedbacks. Enjoy. And please get back to me.