Migrating your blog is not easy, I’ll tell ya that much.

I did it once, from my own server, using Blogger, to WordPress, and today, I moved it from WordPress to my spanking new domain (still using WordPress, the blog publishing platform) and become a ‘platinum member’ for two years of hosting at Bluehost.com.

Why, oh why, am I doing this again?

Pride. I take pride in my blog. Buckets of it. And since it’s the only writing I’m going to do these days, might as well give it all I’ve got. Been blogging for three years this month, so I think it deserves a celebration.

Although there are better ways I can think of to celebrate, instead of spending the whole day on my ass learning how to do code simple PHP to make my plugins work and configuring MySQL to set up my stats (which is dismally non-existent, at the moment), while vainly trying to beautify my blog with the 150 downloaded themes so it doesn’t suck.

Oh yea, it’s all about the themes. 50% why I wanted to do this again. Totally worth the 15 hours spent on this.

Make that 60%.

While I’m completely smitten with WordPress, make no mistake. This is hard work. So much so I sent the kids to bed at 7pm with mac and cheese and no stories. Momma’s gotta ‘work’, I’d said. Gotta be ready to retake the world, my babies.

By the way, Rae asked to pray for Pikachu today.

“Pikachu? Like the Pikachu on TV?” I asked, a little puzzled. And afraid.

“Yea, please pray that Pikachu will be safe.”

“Okay. But honey, you know Pikachu on TV isn’t real, right?” I had to do it. For the love of my God.

“Mooohhhmy! It’s only pretend!” she answered, giving me the evil eye. I’d totally spoiled the mood.

“Okay okay, Lord, please bless Pikachu…” I continued to go down the list of people we always prayed for.

“Pretend bless, Mommy. Pretend bless!!”  

Okay, now my daughter thinks I’m a total idiot.

“Dear Lord, please PRETEND bless Pikachu…”