So Rae and I were playing restaurant, where poor Skyler is relegated to the job of dishwasher in her play pen. Not that she cares because most of the time, she's just sitting there, checking her diapers out (wonder if I should go check them instead…), when I, the customer, ran out of 'cash' to pay for my fish and broccoli dinner (yuaachh).

"I've run out of cash, baby," I said.

Looking around, I callously picked the first thing that I didn't mind losing, and didn't look dangerous.

"Can I pay you with tape instead?" I asked. As in Scotch tape.

She stared at the miserable piece of plastic I'd just pulled from an old delivery box, a little disappointed.

And then she spotted her play makeup kit on my desk.

"You can pay me with makeup, mommy."

Sometimes, I wonder if she's really my kid.