I think the movie that's got me most excited this year is

The Lake House.

Watching the trailer sent chills down my spine, and not because this is a horror movie, but because I have dreamt of a story like this more than once. Literally, since I was about 14. The dream now comes to me once a year if I'm lucky.

There were only two little differences (from what I can deduce from the trailer and the review of the original movie, which was Korean, called Il Mare). In my dream, it was a huge mansion (not a lake house) overlooking a lake and the 'medium' of communication was not a mailbox but the dreams the two star-crossed lovers shared sleeping on the same bed.

Hyun-seung Lee, if you are reading this, I am a little stunned. We should meet.

And I can think of no two better people to play the roles than Keanu and Sandra.

Can't wait.