No, I'm not psychic. Talking about a new idol of mine: Philip K. Dick.

I have found new inspiration to continue forming the idea around my *cough* first science fiction novel within the works of this renowned sci-fi author, many of which you may be familiar with but perhaps only in the celluloid version, such as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which was later made into a movie called Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford, as well as Minority Report, Impostor and so on.

Dick's book, A Scanner Darkly has just been made into a rotoscope wonder in both premise and presentation. Amazing.

Science fiction must be one of the hardest genres to write in, and yet it finds few fans who are willing to imagine more than six months beyond the present. Doesn't pay as well as 'true stories' and conspiracy theories, that's for sure. Ah, but for the love of true geeks.

Now, back to making up names like 'Aryhka' and 'Phrohna'.

Gosh, this is difficult to do sober.