Just heard on the radio that those Baby Genius/Einstein CDs/DVDs don't really work.

Well, now you tell me.

I was one of those suckers who bought those "grow their IQs when they're still gestating!" CDs back home in Malaysia when I was preggers with Rae. Don't know if it made a diff but she's a pretty smart kid. Of course, the thing with these things is that you don't really know for sure if it's the CDs or the food or just your genes.

I still believe limiting a child's exposure to spoonfed 'infotainment' is the way to go (instead of outright just banning it. Like it or not, the telly is a good way to keep kids busy while you need to be busy). The girls get an hour of morning TV now (Playhouse Disney) when I'm just getting ready for the day and then another hour at about 5pm when I have to cook and clean. Ok what?

Anyway, whatever you tell parents-to-be (and we've been there!), they're always gonna overspend on crap that don't work. It's the process and everyone has to go through it, I think.

That's kiasuism for you!