I don't remember when or where, but someone said that the only time couples with kids have to talk is when they're driving in the minivan, which is SO true.

Lokes and I have had the most extreme of conversations in our car. We've fought. We've loved. And we've had the strangest and most hilarious talks driving to or from work, to or from vacas, to or from just the grocery store.

Just last Sunday, while taking one of our drives around Seattle (you can see Seattle Sights from a Car at our Flickr site), we talked about one of the most sensitive topics in our relationship: habits. From young, Lokes has never been an early sleeper or riser, but since he's become a dad, he's been waking up sub 8am for what seems like forever, and that is quite an achievement for someone who used to stay in bed half the day half his life.

However, our dear friend is now getting older, and it is apparent that he isn't as fit in body and mind now as he was ten years ago. With increased tiredness, he's also become less alert, and I believe it's because he doesn't get enough sleep, what with hitting the sack only at 2am and waking up at 8am. Although some say six hours of sleep is enough, it's not for either of us.

So anyway, I've been nagging him to sleep earlier for ages now, mainly because Lokes doesn't like to lie in bed wide-eyed and bushy-tailed before he's REALLY ready to sleep, and I mean eyes-half-closed-walking-up-the-stairs tired. Another problem is his brain is continuously being stimulated when he's at his computer.

"If you just go to bed, read a book or something, you will sleep," I told him.

"That's boring!"

"D-uh! You're trying to sleep. You have to be a little bored to feel sleepy!" (he's always falling asleep in the car or when he isn't at his PC)

"I have to stay awake to feel sleepylah…"


If that's not the most nonsensical thing I've ever heard.

Anyway, so Lokes has been trying to sleep at midnight for two days now. Not really successful since I know he went to bed after 1am yesterday. Let's see how he does the rest of the week.