Yesterday was one of my busiest days here in Redmond since my in-laws went home. Didn't help that I'm sleeping later everyday because I'm just so tired. Reminds me I need to get my fit up soon or I'm just going to collapse nicely in the middle of making dinner.

Because Rae's classmate has a birthday party today, we had to shop for a present yesterday, which needless to say, disrupts our nicely planned schedule. Just managing two kids while trying to browse is a nightmare. Scared Rae wanders off and is never to be seen againlah. Scared she goes and breaks something expensivelah. Scared someone will push Skyler off when I'm taking a closer look at things, and is never to be seen againlah.

Such is the life of a mother. Almost makes me never want to shop again.


I'm SO tempted to get one of those double strollers just to keep the girls in order but the mere mention of it summons the evil eye from Lokes. So I have to contend with putting Sky in the old Graco (Lokes: which we paid like a thousand bucks for!) and Rae has to walk next to me, and you can guess that she doesn't always walk the way one wished all kids would walk: in a straight line right next to you and NOT look and go after the rides or toys and what not.

Anyway, we found a really nice CD for her friend and before I could even – ahem – drop by Old Navy again, the clock struck lunch and I had to pack 'em all home and make said lunch. And then before I could even sit down for MY lunch, Skyler was falling asleep on her crackers again and Rae was fussing because SHE needed her nap as well. And then it was time to prepare the ingredients needed to make dinner or else I'd never have the time. And just when I'd finished chopping up meat and veggies, the girls woke up and it was time to march them to the playground to wear them out again. I even vainly brought my New Yorker there to read but Skyler is still not over her "oooh, yummy pine chips" phase so I've had to keep my eye on her the whole 1.5 hours there.

Then came dinner and then bath time and then bedtime. I had one hour of somewhat solid gaming before my eyelids clammed stubbornly shut.

Note to self: Check eBay and Craigslist for used double strollers.

And buy the gooood coffee next grocery trip.