One of the things you'll quickly realise as soon as that 'bundle of joy' is out of your womb, is how little time you have for yourself.

And as time practically flies by, you'll also realise one of two things:

1. Parenting is a thankless job. And I mean the whole shindig, not the, "oh she's got to be changed or bathed – SUTI! BABY SUDAH POOPOO!!" kind because if it's just about the nice bits like reading and playing and cuddling, it would be a thankful job, wouldn't it? Anyway, you won't feel thanked for a long time, not until your kids are old enough to show REAL gratitude. And maybe not even then.

2. You cannot remember the last time you REALLY had fun. I mean, really Aruba-Jamaica-Ooo-I-wanna-take-you-to-Bermuda kinda fun. The last time I did some crazy shit was my honeymoon and that was when Rae was one year old and Lokes had to practically drag me away from her all the way to LA or I would've just told myself, it's okay, we'll do it when the kids are not so young and vulnerable, without feeling as though we've like abandoned them.

Isn't that so us? We feel guilty even if the porridge is a little burnt or if the baby gets a rash on her bottom because we think we left the diaper on a little longer than we should've. So God forbid if we should actually leave them for a whole week and go do something just for ourselves!

But that's just what I've been asked. To blog about anyway (if that's any substitute), by the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas.

What WOULD I wanna do if I had an entire week off?

Let's see…

(half an hour later)

If I had an entire weekend to myself I would take the minivan, pack up a week's worth of clothes, and drive around the entire state of Washington. I mean, I'm new to the US and all, and I hear the best kind of trip to take is a road trip, so how better to explore the country, starting with the state in which we live, than to just GO EXPLORE?

I'll make like Anthony Bourdain and stay in all the small, off-the-beaten track inns, eat all kinds of weird American food (if such a thing does still exist – that's globalisation for you, American cuisine is just so internationalised!), blog as I travel and then come home with new friends and memories.

Bold I know, but it would be really sad if someone asked me what I'd done in the US after we've been staying here for like three years and I answer with a blank face.

Now, who's gonna give me my entire week off (plus a BIG gas sponsorship would be nice)?