The verdict?

In the mornings, the guys can leave it up. In the evenings, they have to leave it down.

Why? If you have the patience for it, read this amusing, but lengthy piece.

Now how about a logical approach?

I say a seat is called a seat because it’s to be sat on, and therefore, has to remain down.

The only reason why guys flip it up before peeing is because they don’t want to have to wipe any of their stinky pee off when they’re done, and you just know they WILL wet the seat because, well, they are boys.

Why do us girls make such a fuss about the seat being down? Because it’s unsanitary to have to touch the damn seat before we have to remove our pants and undies.

We have to:

1. put the seat down
2. wash our hands
3. line the seat
4. remove our pants/panties
5. sit down and pee
6. wash our hands again

I know your job isn’t to make our lives easier, but the next time you need to make a Number 2 (American politespeak for passing motion) and the seat is up, think of someone’s pee germs all over your fingers.