Five things I observed about the characteristics of Emerald City and its natives:

1. They don’t even feel the rain anymore. Saw a pregnant woman and her two kids walk casually through a thick drizzle to their car just now, in 5 degrees Celcius. If she was in Malaysia, she would be deemed nuts and irresponsible for not caring about her unborn child by nosey old ladies. Seeing that she already has two kids, she would most likely tell them to bugger off.

2. People here like to eat lunch in their parked cars. Whether at a park overlooking the beautiful Lake Washington, or in a corner at a supermarket carpark, people here cherish their alone time, and would rather eat in their vehicles than, say, at the office pantry or at a restaurant with friends.

3. They will wear thick down jackets when dressed casually, but barely anything when working out. I mean, it’s REALLY cold out there, and you can still see people in shorts and tights with just a thin sweat shirt when they’re out running. Maybe it warms you up when you’re exercising, but shorts?! And the same person, when he’s done with his workout, will wear a down jacket with his jeans and flannel jacket the next minute! What’s up with that? I know you can’t exactly work out dressed like an Eskimo but shorts???!!!

4. All the houses here are in neutral or pastel colors of mostly white, grey or ‘warm’ colors like brown, beige etc. Is this a council mandate or something?

5. Who buys regular-priced merchandise here when you have outlets like Ross’ Dress for Less, Marshall’s and those thrift stores all around (not to mention our favourite rural premium oulets!)? We went to the Bellevue Mall with all the regular stuff, and there were MORE people there than the discount stores! What gives?