Lokes is making his first business trip in his new job – to Vegas, no less – in two hours. It’s just going to be for one night but I’m gonna miss him. In-laws are here so I won’t be all alone. Can’t imagine when the time comes that he has to travel overseas for his month-long rounds.

Anyway, here’s more stuff that arrived in my RSS reader this morning. Must see!:


– rare images of Disneyland (and other famous theme parks) taken by people back in the day it was still constructing! Isn’t that cool? For some reason, the original blog‘s images are not showing but I do have the one (above) that came in my reader as sent by BoingBoing.net.

– don’t be duped into buying this iPod nano. Can they get more brazen than that?

– the X360 gets yummier.

– oh, my God. Check out the tin-foil hatter’s comments *chuckle*

– a game for the girls. No, really. Blake, what’re you waiting for?

oh wow. How can I not hear of this for four years?! More to the point, where can I get one?

– this isn’t cute; it’s revolutionary. Indeed.

– More power to the non-geek from Google, but alas, overwhelming demand has rendered their invitation premature. Oh well.