Read in The Star Online today about Martha Stewart’s Tuesday show on M’sian cuisine this week (yea, I don’t watch Martha Stewart, so I didn’t know) and about Fatty Crab (not THE Fatty Crab in PJ – another rare instance where a gwailo rips off of a Malaysian institution) in the meat-packing district of New York city.

Pretty cool, huh? Should read the review where the writer talks about kangkung and belacan. Excerpting:

“Malaysian food, apparently, makes excellent bar snacks. A few items seem designed to accompany an ice-cold beer or two (there are several offbeat choices on the mostly Asian list, including Hitachino’s new Ginger). Innocuous green mango slices, arranged like Lincoln Logs, turn lethal as soon as they’re dipped into the accompanying bowl of chili, sugar, and salt. Pickles Raja Chulan (julienned carrots, cucumber slices, chopped long beans) combine various flavors and textures on a sliding heat scale. Continuing the pickle theme—the sour crunch seems to be a popular Malaysian motif—watermelon pickle and crispy pork combines cubes of the sweet fruit and its rind with aromatic basil leaves, scallions, and crispy, salty, lardon-like pork nuggets.”

Pickles Raja Chulan *lol*

It takes a gwailo to introduce proper Malaysian food to Americans, in the trendiest city in the world!