So I finally installed my RSS reader today (yea, I used to drag and drop links into my web browser, sue me).

Here are the top ten most interesting posts that found their way into my inbox today:

1. Even religion needs a little fun and games now and then.
2. The hoverboard is here!
3. Old tech is illegal tech in the land of hi-tech
4. I wish I knew how to Lego you 
5. Screens up, red alert!
6. 25 reasons why there are blogs
7. Charlize in bronze (NYT- needs registration. Trust me, it’s worth it.)
8. Spam blogs, splogs and zombie blogs. (still haven’tr reg-ed yet? C’mon!)

Okay, I only have eight, because damnit, American Idol is on and that lingering gaze Ace Young just gave? I had to stop. He’s Idol’s new Constantine Maroulis. Just look at him, all sexy in his surfer dude duds.

Hot Daaayyyayymn!