You know, I haven’t vacuumed the floor in like, a million years. Back home, we had tile, and a maid, so I really haven’t played the housewife EVER.

So when we actually shopped for a vacuum cleaner, I didn’t even know what to look for. Luckily, Lokes read somewhere that Dyson was the best brand to get, a fact a friend later verified. Something about good suction and all. But it was expensive (about $200-300 more than the Hoovers and Eurekas out there, same class), so I had to find out more. Finally, after reading many reviews (from people who obviously have been vacuuming a lot more than me, that’s for sure), we bit and bought one from Costco.

After what can only be described as a wrestling workout (largely because I haven’t used an upright VC ever, so if you’ve never as well, this review would apply to you), here’s my take:

Here’s our Dyson DC14 Telescope which cost $469.90 from Costco. It comes with manuals and about five attachable heads you can stick onto the ‘telescope’, an appendage you can remove from the handle of VC and use it like a ‘hose’ to clean stairs, upholstery on your furniture and also under them. When using, it was pretty hefty to lug around, but I’m told upright VCs are like that. You actually push the whole thing up and down, working your right (or left, if you’re a leftie) arm muscles nicely throughout, and believe me, it’s REALLY tiring ‘coz the Dyson is NOT light.

This is what it sucked up from our carpet in the living room and upstairs in both our rooms and the hallway:

So is it good? Hell yea! Just lookit that! I didn’t even know the carpet was THAT dirty!

However, using the Telescope was a little bit like snake wrangling, perhaps because the VC is so new. The spring extension is coiled too tightly and needs to be pulled very hard to reach further, a fact evident when I was vacuuming the stairs. I also had some trouble figuring out which of the many heads to use to clean carpet spaces under furniture. I settled for this:


It says that this cleans upholstery and stairs. When the VC is on, the bristles spin and catch stuff. I think.

The other problem with the Dyson is that it doesn’t have an auto-cable management system (you know, the thing that whips your power cable back in with a touch of a button?). This is where the wrestling bit comes in. You have to hold the cables in your other hand, constantly having to swing it out of the way. This sucked.

So the verdict: Upright VCs are a bitch to work, a fact I’d just discovered. But after you look at how clean they get (judging from how much crap the Dyson managed to suck up) you begin to see how worth it this thing is. Best thing is, the VC is bagless, so no refills needed. It was a little tricky at first to figure out how to dislodge the whole transparent container (without spilling the contents on oneself – especially contents that look like THAT), but it was pretty intuitive, even for an upright VC-virgin like me. Just a snap here and a pull there and it was out. You can even wash the container, so cool beans.

All in all, it’s quite cool.

Just not as cool as this.