If there is one thing I’m truly anxious about moving to the States, is whether or not I can still make new friends.

According to The Hubby, we’ve gotten some invites for dim sum and dinners from some of his colleagues and also some old Malaysian colleagues who have also made the move there.

I think it’s really nice of them to welcome us there, but I can’t stop thinking about what we’ll talk about. The wives, who are not working, will probably share tips about grocery prices there, or the best routes to supermarkets or childcare advice. Since I JUST got into this whole housewife, jobless in Seattle thing, I’ll just be sitting and listening. And those of you who know me know that I LOVE to talk.

But when it comes to really bonding with someone, I have trouble. No, it’s not that I think I have enough friends that I am physically unable to MAKE anymore, or that I’m stuffy about meeting new people. Rather, I lack social skills integrating new people into my life.

I mean, most of my friends are all over five years old. Now I have to make a completely new set. Isn’t it weird, to suddenly bitch about your in-laws or kids or sex life with people you’ve only known for a few months? Is it possible to make intimate friends with people one has only known for weeks or even months?

I really_don’t_know. Perhaps this wall I’ve built is solid rock only an ocean of time can dissolve.

Or perhaps a few glasses of good wine.

In any case, I still have this blog. And you, my dear readers.

Which is the real irony, since I don’t even know HALF, if not more, of you!