When I was a kid, I was an average looking teenage girl. I was stick-thin. Hard to believe, I know, and I remember thinking I really was fat then, but it wasn’t true at all, looking at my old pics.

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly pageant queen material either.

My friends, on the other hand, were all gorgeous. They still are, actually. I think only I have blown out of proportion!

With my average looks, obviously, I was at the bottom of the dating barrel. But I still managed to attract SOME boys. In fact, some of them were quite popular as well. Which was why our ‘dates’ never lasted more than a few months. Many a time, it was because they’d seen one of my prettier friends, and became interested in her instead. Such is the nature of teenage ‘relationships’.

It was hard, to face that sort of rejection when one is so young, but I was a quick learner. Very soon, I’d made peace with the fact that my friends will always be more attractive than me, simply because they’re born prettier. Me? I had to work at it a little bit, but I was content with my looks. I also had a good sense of humour, a strong sense of style and a jovial demeanour (who doesn’t appreciate a good joke in Reeboks over neverending legs :P? It was the 80s!). I hoped then those things would one day be attractive to the right person. God gave them a chance, and brought me my husband, for which I am eternally thankful.

There is nothing quite as hurtful as when someone you like, or even love, falls out of love with you. More so when it’s because they are attracted to one’s good friend. This sort of ‘betrayal’ is the most complex. How can you blame two people for having chemistry?

But can you blame the guy for being attracted to someone more beautiful than you? Absolutely. But blaming is all one can do. All you can tell yourself is that such a guy isn’t worth keeping.

And neither is such a friend. But if it is fate, can you blame her? Do true friends take each other’s boyfriends or spouses? Or do they forgive these betrayals and accord them to destiny?

I personally would feel insulted if a good friend thinks that I would actually steal her boyfriend away. Because I know how painful that is.

Some women, on the other hand, thrive on the attention. They don’t really want to betray you. Just sort of keep you on your toes. Diet a little more. Eat a little less.

A few are desperate enough to clinch the few remaining ‘good ones’ (although how good can the guy be for betraying your own friend?).

Where is honour among girl friends when it comes to men?