Objective: To one day develop a marketable game title.


1991 – 1992 – Started career in the publishing line as media coordinator for Malaysian media rep (MediaPlus Sdn Bhd) for the South China Morning Post, Newsweek and many other int’l publications. Responsibilities include co-calling, managing the customer and reader databases, office administrative duties.

1993 – 1995 – Hiatus to finish law degree (LLB, University of London). Finished only two years due to lack of funds.

1995 – 1998 – Began career in journalism as staff writer for E&O Media Asia (later known as World Media Asia Sdn Bhd). Reported and wrote business features for trade magazines in the retail and hospitality sectors, subsequently moving to business IT, focusing on e-commerce and business computing.

1998 – 2000 – Joined Digital Access Sdn Bhd (now CR Media Sdn Bhd) as Features Editor for PC World Malaysia and The Web Malaysia.

2000 – 2002 – Took leap of faith into dotcom craze. Became editor for the now defunct and then

2002 – 2004 – Contributing editor to for its games section. Also freelanced for The Star In.Tech, and a columnist for

2004 – November 2005 – Editor for GameAxis Unwired Malaysia

Present – Minister of Home Affairs, Tan Household!

Past freelance work:

  • MSN Women columnist 1998 – 2004
  • Cnetasia correspondent 2004 – 2005
  • Available links to published freelance works:

    Game review samples in The Star In.Tech:

    Age of Mythology
    Age of Mythology: The Titans
    Arx Fatalis
    Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
    Greyhawk: Temple of Elemental Evil
    Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide
    Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark
    Rise of Nations
    Runaway: A Road Adventure
    The Sims: Unleashed

    The Sims Online
    Tron 2.0

    Review samples at

    Black & White 2
    Bloodrayne 2
    Still Life