Since I got my rig, a P4 3.06Ghz monster with a fancy Icute case that has a blue fluorescent tube that goes around the mobo (stupid gigabyte one with the supposedly important dual BIOS), my ATI Radeon 9700 has been giving me problems. How did I know for sure? Because my Windows XP crash reports tell me so. And that is the beauty of using original software.

Did you know, for instance, that if you use pirated sware, you can’t get critical updates AS they come? So far, having religiously reported every crash, they have been getting lesser and lesser, excepting my gcard problem of course, which turns out to be not a driver problem but a physical defect, which means I have to go get it changed before the warranty expires. But this whole reporting thing and the MS staff helping me isolate the problem is really very cool. That’s what I call support!

Also another benefit of buying ori software, especially multiplayer games, is the fact that you get to play online, without which I think I wouldn’t have had the training and confidence I did before I went for WCG. Adversely, having to buy ori to play online at ESO was why popularity for AOM was so much lower than the original AOE/AOK which one could play on Zone even with a pirated copy. Who wants to pay RM140 JUST to pay online?

Still, I think most hardcore gamers wouldn’t mind forking out the dough, which was why collector editions for WC and Civ III got snapped up so quickly. I went to SB a few days ago and the DVD cut for WC (yes, the one where all the cut scenes are rendered!) was sold out!

So why this sudden sanctimonious outburst for ori software? i just need some Msian gamers to play withlah. I just started Asheron’s Call 2 and have not met one single Asian. What gives?!