“Reporters report the news, not become the news.”

Trying to challenge this adage, I took my first step towards world domination by joining the World Cyber Games 2003 tournament which ended yesterday. The results? I was fourth in place to rule the world – in AOM that is. Sigh.

Truth be told, I made a lot of mistakes. Lokes tells me mostly, I was battling myself. I was full of self doubt, I did not sleep worrying if I would cave in (and I did), I wasn’t confident at all of my chances may have been real. These are all true.

Also true is the fact that I did not expect the other participants, excepting Irwin of course, to be good. Being arrogant (and at the same time carrying flawed strategies with little study of details, as was my analysis of what happened later on) that I would somehow be able to scrape through with just enough training and six hours sleep a night, I made the mistake of underestimating my opponents, to perhaps inject some (false) confidence into my already tired veins.

Sigh. What a weekend. Awesome, amazing and an experience I would most likely remember for a long time.

Until next year. I shall try again next year. If AOM is still in. Or maybe I should try FIFA….:)