It’s been a while since I’ve been so sad.

I guess it was a long time coming. I’ve had it good for so long, years in fact, that I had forgotten how it felt to be depressed and have the life sucked out of me so fast that I was winded for the whole day. I cried for a good half hour. I had lunch at 5pm, but had one of my most favourite things in the world to feel better (a turkey ham sandwich). Before that, I saw one of my editors, who made me feel a little better about myself. Picked up Neverwinter Nights’ latest XP, Shadows of Undrentide, and what was left of my day brightened a little.

Don’t worry, if ure worried. Nothing drastic happened, and it WAS my fault so I have nothing and noone to blame. It’s just one of things you knew was just around the corner, looming, but you pretended wasn’t there or happening, and suddenly you turn and it sort of pounces at you, STILL managing to give you a scare despite you having known about it at the back of your mind. Just one of those things that you dread would happen and it DID happen.

Lokes tells me it’s only human. I guess believing I was superhuman didn’t help.

I just wanna chill for a while now. Slater…